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Since #WalkAway began in 2018, tens of thousands of people have submitted testimonials about why they are walking away from the divisive tenets of the Left and of progressivism. These testimonials lived in a Facebook group of 510,000 Americans looking for an inspirational home base to find support, growth, and education during their journey away from liberalism. That is until Facebook permanently banned the group in 2021. 

#WalkAway has since taken matters into its own hands and is creating its own social site to bring the hundreds of thousands of people that found a home with #WalkAway's group, back together in an uncancelable forum.

However, since Facebook banned the group, a deep chasm has been felt among the #WalkAway community. Amid political and societal pressures, patriots are feeling the loss of such an inspirational site, and in the face of a challenging economy, an uncertain position on the global stage, and more division than ever, America loving patriots could use a source of inspiration and that's exactly what you'll find in this book.

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