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Our Mission

The #WalkAway Foundation is dedicated to bringing Americans together through education to #WalkAway from intolerance and societal discord; to leave identity politics behind; and to walk towards unity, civility, respect, and the American ideals of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all. 

What We Do

We provide education to the masses. For too long, our history has been written through a biased lens. We provide fact based education through media, live events, speaking engagements and college campus tours. To stay connected, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel and to our mailing list for upcoming events.

Get Involved

Our supporters are our greatest asset. Here are ways to get involved and make the greatest impact:


Generous gifts make it possible for us to travel, secure venues, security and staff, print materials, advertise and numerous other expenses required for us to continue to spread our message. Donations of any size are always appreciated.


Check out opportunities to volunteer. We ask that all applicants upload a resume (though not required) so that we can assess our needs and find a position that suits you best.

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