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No Guts, No Glory Rally

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“Freedom is never more than a generation away from extinction.“

#WalkAway has been quiet for far too long. We've been Canceled, Attacked, and Ridiculed by the LEFT and the MEDIA. So join us on May 21st for a No Guts, No Glory Rally in Beverly Hills AT 2:00pm.

#WalkAway will have security present for the event.

This rally is a CELEBRATION.

We are celebrating America.

Our freedom.

Overcoming adversity.

Surviving a brutal, unyielding attack.

Our #WalkAway Family. TOGETHER, once again!

Guest Speakers …and more to come!

Brandon Straka- Founder of the #WalkAway Campaign

Shemeka Michelle- Blaze Contributor

Mikey Harlow- Writer & Commentator

Gothix- Culture Commentator

Josh Denny- Comdien

Karina Rodriguez- Conservative Activist

Nick Searcy- Documentarian "Capitol Punishment"

Please DONATE to the cost of the event:

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